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20 years ago. I was in high school and mostly bored, like most kids that age — I’d discovered Camus and the other existentialists but had not quite hit on my Smiths phase (it would come in June). This Hole record still sounds as good today as it did then, but for some reason at that age, given the circumstances, I wouldn’t let myself like it. I wonder if anyone uttered the phrase “Yoko Ono Syndrome” — that is the belief that someone has perverted something one loves and robbed it of its power/enjoyment. The stimulus remains the same (the music, the art, the book, the science)… but that lousy lover came and stole the truth it spoke to me. 

That poor kid… from Cobain straight into the arms of Morrissey. If only someone had passed me a Mountain Goats tape.

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Reading about modern Russia and the collapse of the USSR for my own edification today… and I’m remember how big this song (and Jesus Jones — Right Here, Right Now) were big during the fall of the wall. 

It means nothing in particular, save I watched a rather interesting documentary on Angela Merkel last night and I followed a few trains of thought.

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Water Fountain

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To begin with, we must be wary of those who use the word “gratuitous” as an insult.

Alain Robbe-Grillet  (via johndarnielle)
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I Been Runnin’ A Marathon


My cousin runs the marathon every year (this will be his 6th) to raise money for Mass Eye and Ear alongside the doctor who is trying to restore his sight. The incredible story is here. Will’s fundraising page:

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"She said you’re strange but don’t change…"

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